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We make it easy to manage, protect, and grow your housing wealth.

If you’re like most people, your home is the largest single investment you’ll ever make. Homeslice makes it easy to protect your investment.

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What is Homeslice?

Homeslice is a free cloud-based software platform designed to make it ridiculously easy to manage your home.


Manage multiple properties with one account.

Whether you have one property or several, Homeslice makes it easy to manage your properties and tame the chaos. Maybe you have a few rental properties, a vacation home, or you’re helping aging family members with their home maintenance. Don’t own a home? Homeslice is an indispensable platform for renters too. Setup takes less than 2 minutes, and it’s free forever.

photo of edison light bulbs hang on ceiling
photo of edison light bulbs hang on ceiling

Grow and protect your housing wealth.

In addition to a suite of tools to help you maintain your home, Homeslice provides opportunities to maximize your housing wealth. We use AI and custom algorithms to provide free reporting and analytics to calculate your home’s true value, pick the best mortgages and refi offers, recommend tax saving strategies, and suggest many other ways to save money. See how we can save you money.


Create a piece of mind with a digital home inventory.

There are many reasons to create a home inventory. If your home is ever burglarized, damaged, or destroyed, having an accurate inventory of your belongings is extremely useful for filing insurance claims. In addition to a digital record of your belongings, home inventories can be used to determine if you have adequate insurance coverage. No more hunting for receipts and warranties in a junk drawer or outdated paper filing system. Create a home inventory today.

photo of edison light bulbs hang on ceiling

Get reminders to complete home maintenance tasks.

We get it. You’re busy. If something isn't written down or on a calendar, most people will forget to do it. Did you remember to clean out the gutters? Inspect the HVAC system before winter? Change the water filter in your refrigerator? Easily add one-time and recurring maintenance tasks to your property profiles and get email and SMS/text reminders to complete important tasks. Additionally, Homeslice uses AI to automatically suggest additional home maintenance tasks based on your home profile and inventory. We’ve got your back.


Collaboration made easy.

Invite family, friends, designers, and contractors to collaborate with you. Create unlimited teams to manage different properties and home projects. Homeslice makes it easy to share maintenance responsibilities with other people. Share your design style with an interior designer. Assign tasks to your favorite handyman. With shared workspaces, nothing gets lost and tasks will not fall through the cracks.

photo of edison light bulbs hang on ceiling
photo of edison light bulbs hang on ceiling

Easily manage home projects and “honey do” lists.

With the Homeslice Projects platform, you can create unlimited projects and “honey do” lists. Create and assign tasks, upload documents, connect Homeslice Boards, and link to different properties. It’s a full project management suite that’s ridiculously easy to use. Track your list of spring cleaning to-dos? Starting a kitchen or bathroom remodel? No problem. Start your next home project in about 30 seconds.


Know where your money goes.

Track expenses on your home projects, remodels, and decorating efforts. Snap a photo or upload your contracts, receipts, and invoices. Our AI tools will then transcribe your documents into machine-readable digital files. Then we’ll add those documents to your Homeslice Vault which is easily searchable in case you ever need them again.

Find Inspiration

Find design inspiration from the pros—and your peers.

Get instant recommendations based on your interests to find inspiration for your next home project. From bathroom remodels to bad-assed “man caves” and “she sheds”, you can find it on Homeslice Inspire. Search thousands of images and curated Homeslice Boards created by top designers, builders, influencers, and maybe even your next door neighbor. Save ideas directly to your properties and projects for easy reference.


Find and review service professionals, retail stores, and home-related brands.

Spend your time enjoying your home and let someone else work on it. Find and review local contractors, designers, and retail stores. Looking for a house cleaner, plumber, or electrician? Are you considering adding solar energy to your property? Do you need a realtor, home appraiser, or mortgage broker? Whatever your needs, Homeslice Professionals has you covered. You can even research things like home warranty and insurance companies.

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