Homeslice Teams

Do you have multiple people, properties, or projects? Turn on Teams to get more productivity out of the Homeslice platform.

Many people use Homeslice by themselves. However, it works great as a collaboration platform across many people and organizations. As a matter of fact, that is where Homeslice really shines.

A typical use case may involve one Homeslice user wanting to share ideas or projects with other members of their household. Then the family wants to hire an interior designer or handyman to do some work around the home. With Teams activated, the designer or handyman can be temporarily invited to collaborate on a project or contribute to an Board. Maybe the family manages a primary residence and, also, a vacation or rental property. They can easily create different Teams to manage different places.

Once someone joins a team, they can create or be assigned tasks in Projects, create Boards and upload files, send and receive private messages, and many more things.

Activating Teams

Activating and using Teams is very easy to do. All you need to to is toggle the switch on this page to enable Teams. After you do that, you will instantly see a new item in the main navigation. When you go to the Teams dashboard, you'll be able to add new Teams, invite people to join Teams, remove team members, and switch between different Teams.

In addition to that, you can see your current Team in the top right of your screen. You can then click the Team name to easily toggle between your different Teams.

Your Current Team

Once you enable and create multiple Teams, it's important to remember you'll always be "logged in" to just one Team at a time. So, if you're not seeing the Properties, Projects, Boards, etc you're looking for just make sure you're logged in to the proper Team. Again, you can easily switch between Teams by using the Team switcher at the top right of your screen right next to your profile avatar.

It's also worth noting that Homeslice will remember your Team settings. So, the next time you sign in to Homeslice (even on a different device), it will remember the last Team you were using.

Your Default Team

Every account and every user has a "default" Team. This Team was automatically created with every new Homeslice account. You can rename the Team and you can invite people to it. However, you cannot delete this Team. It's permanently associated with your user profile.

Most Homeslice users opt to create new Teams instead of inviting people to their default Team. However, that's up to your. Homeslice is flexible like that.

Deactivating Teams

If you activate Teams and decide at a later date you don't need them anymore, you can easily turn Teams off and return to a single-user experience. Deactivating Teams is as easy as you might think. Just toggle the switch on this page to deactivate Teams functionality. If you ever need it again, just come back and flip the switch again.

Homeslice Teams